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Caribbean Stories

and Voices 

Our mission is to amplify stories of Caribbean impact makers, trailblazers, and rising stars to inspire the next generation.

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Caribbean Stories

Caribbean people are thriving and making an impact in their communities and around the world. 

Caribbean Podcast

Get tips and advice from people of Caribbean heritage who are pursuing their dreams with tenacity in their respective fields.



Receive the stories that matter and the inspiration you need. 



Season 7 - Caribbean Artists

Get to know some of the exciting new Caribbean artists that are moving the culture forward.  In this Unstoppable Yes You podcast series, these Caribbean artists share the inspiration for their work, along with helpful tips on what it take to be successful in the art world. 

Gherdai Hassell - Bermuda

Gherdai Hassell celebrates Black females through multimedia and collage-like art.

Lionel Perrot - Martinique

Martiniquais modern artist Lionel Perrot brings bold and bright hues to his street and modern art.

Akilah Watts - Barbados

Akilah Watts' life-like portraits draw inspiration from her childhood in St. James, Barbados.

Marissa Yung Lee - Trinidad

Known for her oil portraits of Caribbean Mas performers, learn how Trinidadian-Korean artist Marissa Lee brings her vision to life.

Ama Dennis - Virgin Islands

Photographer Ama Dennis honors the culture and traditions of the Caribbean region through her photography.

April Bey - Bahamas

April Bey is a contemporary artist best known for her mixed media work that represents icons and anti-heroes of Bahamian and American pop culture.

Past Podcast Series

Dive into extraordinary stories of success, resilience, and perseverance from across the Caribbean and around the world. 

Unstoppable Yes You

Together we can continue to inspire, motivate, and empower our community. 


Motivational Quotes

Check out our collection of quotes to motivate and inspire you to create your success. 

“The outcome will always be determined by your output.” 


—  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

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