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Barbadian Trailblazer Leah Marville's Inspirational Journey of Transformation

Barbadian model, podcast host, life coach Leah Marville

Leah Marville/Photo @klylebabb

Leah Marville, hailed as the "Renaissance Woman" by Caribbean media, unfolds an extraordinary narrative of triumph against the odds and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From captivating runways across the globe to navigating TV stints and entrepreneurial ventures, Leah's story is a mosaic of inspiration.

In recognition of her significant contributions of service to the Caribbean community, Leah received the Vanguard Award at the Caribbean American Heritage Awards' Gala in Washington, DC last November.

Modeling and Television Success

At the tender age of 4, dance became Leah’s first "introduction to the stage." However, at 18 years old, while pursuing her law degree, Leah's life took an unexpected turn when she accompanied her cousin to an audition for Barbados Fashion Week and was spotted by a Jamaican model scout. This marked the beginning of her whirlwind international modeling career, taking her from Jamaica to New York and eventually to South Africa, where she signed with Base Model Management. In 2009, Leah's star soared as she clinched the Miss Barbados World pageant, subsequently entering the Miss World competition.

Reflecting on this pivotal time, Leah shared with the Barbados Public Affairs Department, "It was modeling that allowed me to understand myself in relation to the world and how to be an ambassador for my island."

Leah's career journey took yet another dynamic turn into the world of television. She became a guest host and later the main host of the BET J Caribbean music show Wicked Style. She also served as the co-producer for the Barbados and Jamaica episodes and produced her lifestyle reality show, Passport 246, in partnership with Mykal Cushnie of DSE Media in Jamaica. Her TV ventures showcased her versatility and entrepreneurial flair.

Despite her success, Leah wanted to complete her education in law. She earned her Legal Education Certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad in 2012. Notably, she practiced law across various domains, representing influential figures such as The Mayor of Port of Spain and National Security personnel.

Navigating Trauma: A Journey to Wellness

Leah's personal struggles, including the loss of her father to cancer at 11-years-old and a close friend at 18, fueled a transformative decision. But it was a life-altering incident – being robbed at gunpoint in Trinidad – that ultimately became a catalyst for change.

In 2017, she relocated to Los Angeles, California, and sought deep therapy for her trauma. She also embarked on a six-year wellness training journey. It was on this journey to wellness she faced her trauma head-on and explored her vision for her life.


Leah's commitment to service and personal development finds expression in her latest venture — the Be. Do. Become brand. The Be. Do. Become TV (a YouTube Channel) provides valuable insights into personal development and self-improvement in hopes of guiding viewers on the journey to achieving their own version of success and happiness.

In an Instagram post to her followers, Leah explained, “Success can look like many different things for different people and there are multiple paths to getting there. But when you get to the heart of it all and what drives the results in achieving any version of success, it is this - Motion + Effort + Not Quitting!”

Leah Marville's Be. Do. Become. Yearly Personal Development Planner

Be. Do. Become. Yearly Personal Development Planner


Her commitment to personal development and wellness shines through her podcast, speaking engagements, coaching, and resources like her Yearly Personal Development and Productivity Planner. The Yearly Planner, designed as an affordable self-guide, reflects her holistic approach to life, rooted in a mantra that encourages aligning values with actions. The planner is a tool for individuals envisioning a purposeful life.

What’s next?

Looking ahead to 2024, Leah plans to expand the Be. Do. Become Yearly Planner to make it accessible to people across the Caribbean and the US. Her inaugural Coaching Cohort Program promises a transformative experience for those ready to implement their vision. Additionally, licensing the Planner Design and Strategy IP to a Women's Membership Club in North California marks an exciting venture.


Leah Marville's journey is a testament to her resilience, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of one's unique purpose. As a visionary, fashion model, advocate for wellness and personal development, and entrepreneur, Leah continues to inspire others to embrace their inherent worth and design lives of impact and excellence. Her story is a beacon of hope for Caribbean people, reminding us that indeed, we are unstoppable.


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