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'Emily in Paris' Actor, Lucien Laviscount Calls Antigua Home

Emily in Paris actor Lucien Laviscount

Lucien Laviscount Photo/Getty Images

Since landing the role of Alfie in Netflix's runaway hit series Emily in Paris, Lucien Laviscount’s fame has skyrocketed. Lucien plays the love interest of Emily (played by Lily Collins) in the award-winning series - and has starred in the last two seasons.

While many know him as a British-born actor, few know that he has Caribbean roots.

Lucien Laviscount was born in England to an Antiguan dad and mom of English descent. In an interview with Nadia Dyson of Luxury Locations Real Estate, Laviscount calls Antigua “home.”

“My father’s from here and we used to come back every year when we were kids. No matter what was going on. My mom and dad made sure we came back to the roots of it all. And yeah, this is it now. This is home since 2020.”

What was originally intended to be a three-week vacation at the height of the pandemic turned into a nine-month stay. Lucien can be seen soaking up Antigua's beautiful beaches and scenery which he shared with his fans on Instagram.

He even hosted a premiere of Emily in Paris in Antigua to give the island some spotlight.

Playing Alfie in Emily in Paris

The first season of Emily in Paris launched on Netflix at the heart of the pandemic and was easily binged with just ten episodes. Fans could not get enough of the over-the-top fashions and love triangles that made the series an instant hit. The popular romantic comedy which premiered in 2020 was seen by 58 million households worldwide in the first month.

In season two, Laviscount joined the cast as a charming but sarcastic British banker working in Paris. The charismatic actor enters Emily’s life shortly after her break-up with the handsome French chef, Gabrielle. His character, Alfie, offers Emily a well-needed balance to her insanely busy work life as an advertising executive for a luxury marketing firm. Emily in-turn helps Alfie, who loathes French culture, make the best of his life in Paris.

Although he first came on the show as a guest star - he won over fans. Now, the charismatic actor is back for the third season of Emily in Paris in a big way - and he turns up the heat.

Season three which premiered on December 21, 2022 picks up with Alfie and Emily rekindling their romance. In the new season, Laviscount’s character is less guarded and shows more of his vulnerable side.

How he got into acting

30-year-old Lucien who grew up in Ribble Valley in England, began his career as a model. In an interview with L'OFFICIEL he explained how he was shopping with his mother at a mall in Manchester when a casting director for a Marks & Spencer campaign asked his mother to take him to the audition. He got the gig. It was at the department store shoot that he met David Beckham, who mentioned that he should consider acting as a career choice.

His Mom took him to two acting lessons in Manchester before the drive became too expensive to continue. Shortly after Laviscount booked his first acting job and has been acting since.

Aside from Emily in Paris, you may have seen the TV heartthrob on the UK television series Coronation Street and Waterloo Road. His more recent project since Emily in Paris is an upcoming sci-fi thriller called Sentinel with Kate Bosworth.

When asked where he sees himself after Emily in Paris, Lucien Laviscount told Nadia Dyson, “I don’t want to put any boundaries on it…I want to do more action stuff, I want to do more comedy stuff…I just want to keep on learning and be the best actor I can be.”

Laviscount went on to say that the advice he would give to young actors would be to “find happiness in everything else but acting, because it is a torturous road that you do take and it’s filled with nos, nos, nos. And the highs feel so high but the nos also feel really low. So just be prepared that it is going to be more nos than yeses…but don’t give up."

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