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Alex Toussaint: College Drop-out to Star Fitness Instructor

Haitian-American Alex Toussaint Peloton Fitness Instructor

Photo/ Alex Toussaint - Peloton Instagram

A “troubled childhood” and college woes did not hold Alex Toussaint back from finding his passion and purpose in life. The star fitness instructor at Peloton is helping thousands to snatch their waistlines and to find their happy. Home workouts have skyrocketed due to the pandemic. Many fitness buffs and fitness hopefuls have turned to Alex Toussaint for physical and mental wellness.

The 29-year-old Haitian-American is one of the most sought-after Peloton instructors. Alex’s live and encore classes are available to Peloton’s 3.1 million subscribers. Toussaint seamlessly blends a mix of feel-good exhortations, motivational platitudes, and no-nonsense tidbits like “this ain’t daycare” to encourage his legion of riders to dig deeper and push harder. His famous tagline “look good, do good, feel better” motivates riders to accomplish countless personal records on the bike while being drenched in sweat.

Alex did not always have this discipline. As a child, Alex recalls being kicked out of school. His parents enrolled him at Wentworth Military Academy because of behavioral issues. After graduating he attended college but dropped out before the end of his sophomore year.

While battling depression, Alex worked as a maintenance worker at Flywheel cycling studio for three years. Alex paid close attention to the approach Flywheel instructors used to motivate their class. Eventually, he took a cycling class, auditioned to become a cycling instructor, and got the job in 2012. Alex would go on to teach cycling classes in Manhattan, East Hamptons, and Dubai. In 2015, Alex was recruited by Peloton to help launch the at-home fitness platform.

Alex is also a favorite among NFL, NBA, PGA, and Hollywood stars. Veteran ESPN NBA analyst Doris Burke credits Alex with keeping her fit. In 2019, Alex hosted former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for an in-studio ride. In 2020, he hosted a ride with more than 20,000 attendees to celebrate the ESPN Documentary, The Last Dance, about basketball phenom, Michael Jordan. Alex credits these accomplishments to his discipline from military schooling and being raised in a Haitian household.

Today Alex uses his clout to build partnerships while helping within the community. In addition to promoting his daytime job, he recently ventured into a brand partnership with the Ladder, Lebron James’ sports nutrition company. He is a spokesperson for Hyperice, a percussion massage device. He also launched the Alex Toussaint clothing line and The Do Better Foundation in 2020. The Foundation aims to “strengthen those who are underserved through community building and youth empowerment initiatives.”

Alex turned an almost hard knock life into a success story. His “take no prisoners” approach has allowed him to connect with novice and professional athletes alike.

Alex’s hustle and motivation is a whole vibe.


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